One Word: LABRFF

By Ana Silvani 


October is here and we are VERY excited about the 12th edition of the Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival – LABRFF 2019. The event happens from October 13th to the 17th. The opening gala night will be Sunday, at the Harmony Gold Theater, in Hollywood. All other screenings will be at the Laemmle, in Santa Monica.

Do you like movies? We LOVE them! If you’re a movie lover too, come, come, come! Let’s watch movies, eat popcorn, drink water (sorry, we don’t like soda!), and have a drink somewhere afterward for the happiest hour – The Happy Hour! It’s going to be a big party to celebrate BRAZILIAN cinema at its best! We took a quick look (lies – we watched closely capturing every detail) at this year’s movie trailers and synopses and, WOW, just WOW! We will be there every day, all the time, for every single screening!

The festival opens its first night with CHILD OF NATURE, a documentary by Marcos Negrão & Miguel Krigsner. Word has it, the production traveled to 15 countries interviewing children who are revolutionizing the world - yesss! As they say: a generation with a mission. Narrated by a young journalist from India, Child of Nature follows the journey of children from Kenya, Philippines, Syria, Canada and India who against all odds are creating change in their lives and their communities. The timing is just PERFECT as the whole world stops and listens to what children have to say. SAVE the date: October 13th, at 6 pm, at the Harmony Gold Theater.

While there, stop by to say hi to 1WordMedia crew. We will be selecting two (2) LUCKY people for a double pass to watch one of the most anticipated short movies of this year: Double Blind – International Spotlight in Competition. It was shot in South Africa, in only ONE day. Hell yeah! Some people make movies and also MAGIC! The cast is great (the guy playing Keith could easily be Morgan Freeman’s twin). It’s short but to the POINT. For a chance to win, follow + tag us on social media @onewordmediausa @doubleblindmovie. We’ll see you at the Laemmle Santa Monica on October 16th, at 5 pm sharp (British punctuality please!).

For all other screenings, please go to for detailed information.



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